Tequila of The Week 

El Tesoro Anejo (NOM 1139)  Produced at La Alteña (NOM 1139) by master distiller Carlos Camarena. El Tesoro is produced from 100% estate grown agave which is cooked for three days in brick ovens and then Tahona crushed. *For those of you new to tequila a Tahona Wheel is a two ton Stone wheel (made from volcanic rock) that is used to crush Cooked Agave and separate juices from fibers. 
While very traditional and said to provide a unique profile to the tequila, this process is very slow. Fermentation is in open air wooden tanks, then distilled in copper stills, and finally rested 2-3 years in American oak previously used For bourbon.


This traditionally produced Anejo carries notes of Cooked Agave, Cinnamon, and Oak. The taste profile is dominated by Earthy and Cooked Agave flavors with hints of pepper, vanilla and oak. A light sweet finish with hint of spice to it makes this a great sipping Anejo and one I recommend keeping around. 2018 saw a rebranding of the El Tesoro tequilas packaging on display here. I think they look great and I particularly like the “Tahona wheel” stopper.

Previously on this page I have featured tequilas from another Camarena brand, produced at La Alteña (Ocho) and highlighted how those were produced using single Estate sourced agave. EL Tesoro is also produced using only Estate grown agave however the Agave is sourced from multiple estates (specific fields). In my opinion El Tesoro is one of the most consistent brands I’ve come across to date, and one I regularly recommend to friends

Nic - The Tequila Wanderer


South African/ Australian former professional golfer......Now residing in Texas.

Three years ago, while clearing photos off my iPhone to create space, I couldn't help but notice how many pics of tequila or Tequila bars I had collected on my travels. From this "The Tequila Wanderer" was born; a way to share my love for travel, tequila, and a little bit of everything in between. 

My travels as an athlete allowed me to see amazing places a meet outstanding people. In a similar way tequila has introduced me to some great people and through education and this platform I believe we can bring many people together while honoring the history and culture of Mexico's tequila industry.

Stick with me and I promise not only will I expose you to phenomenal agave spirits, but the hope is to inspire you to live the fullest life you can. 

"Life is too short to drink bad tequila" 


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